Selected media featuring me

Interview with newspaper derStandard (local copy):

Short Interview in AIT's TomorrowToday Magazine (local copy):

Youtube Interview that some School-Kids did with me at AIT Vienna (local copy):

Talk i gave at Research Days 2012 (local copy):

The innovations transforming the way we use electricity, part one from CNBC (local copy):

The innovations transforming the way we use electricity, part two from CNBC (local copy):

How we team up in the Netherlands for the Power System of the future. (local copy):

Short video on my group in Delft for students. (local copy):

Interview on Digital Twins of power systems in NODES (local copy):

TU Delft - The Energy Transition and Smart Grids. Promo video of my department in Delft:

TU Delft - The future of energy | It’s up TU. (local copy) (link to entire campaign):

Our ESP Lab in Delft with the Control Room of the Future in a 3D video:

TU Delft for Life: The Energy Transition. A really nice interview, togther with my three colleagues. (local copy)

Interview on AI for Energy and Sustainability (local copy):

Me about my motivation and our new ESP lab (local copy)

Articel in OUTLOOK about my power system digital twin program (local copy)

Dutch national TV NPO 2.3.2022 'Atlas' with Arno Smets and me on solar energy and digital power. (local copy)

Dutch national TV 6.6.2022 'Eenvandaag' with Bart Groothuis and me on cyber-attacks to the power system and the NIS2 directive. (local copy)

TV Interview with RTL Z aired 27.9.2022 in 'Cybersessis' on cyber-threats on critical infrastructure. (local copy)

My Hidde Nijland Speech 16.12.2022 (local copy)

Dutch national TV Interview with 'NOS nieuwsuur' about my cyber security measures for my PV panel inverter at home. (local copy)

Articel in Volkskrant about my Power System Digital Twin Center (local copy)

1h+ blog interview with Innovation Valley about Digital Energy (local copy):

Short clip on our Control Room of the Future (local copy):

Interview in Dutch national TV Eenvandaag about grid congestion: