Sustainable Building Technologies

The Sustainable Building Technologies division develops efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the buildings and cities of tomorrow.

The research and development activities are based on a comprehensive understanding of the physical and functional relationships within and between buildings.

The team is well placed in terms of the research and control of these complex interdependencies, with interdisciplinary expertise in physics, mathematics, architecture, urban planning, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation technology and computer science.

Tools include modelling and numerical simulations, which are validated using measuring and monitoring techniques.

For the dynamic simulation of physical systems the division has a wide range of software at its disposal.

Examples of these are Modelica, TRNSYS, Energy+ and Matlab for the field of buildings and building technology, Star CCM+ and Fluent for numerical flow simulation, AutoCAD, Archiphysik, Ecotect and Radiance for building physics and daylighting as well as GIS applications for urban development and energy system analysis. 

In addition the team also develops its own tools for specific research areas.


Head of Business Unit

DI Dr. Peter Palensky

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